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  • Weird voice dude vid #1
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "If I Were A Diva" [all-star diva mashup]
    "I Stand For Jive" - Fun vs. Bee Gees [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    "Maybe Gotta Feeling" - Carly Rae Jepsen vs The Black Eyed Peas [NEW Voicedude]
    Maroon 5 Vs. Jackson 5 [produced by 'Voicedude'] - I Want You Back One More Night
    "I Love California" by Voicedude
    The weird voice dude: Matthew Be Ming
    "Boston Park" - Linkin Park & Busta Rhymes Vs. Boston [produced by 'Voicedude']
    turtle Mr.Chow VoiceDudes Pet :D
    A Whiter Shade Of Peace" [Classic Voicedude Video]
    Depeche Mode Vs. Britney Spears [produced by 'Voicedude'] - Strange And Scary Love
    This voice dude got problems(there is no game
    Voicedude - If I Were A Diva (All Star Diva Mashup)
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "Could This Be Madness?" Muse vs Al Green
    Voicedude sings the roles of ALL the priests in Jesus Christ Superstar.
    That voice Dude
    "Jingle Bells Are What I Got" - Sublime vs Smokey Robinson [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    Paella 2012 04 Voicedude - Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris vs. Elvis Crespo - ¡Biebermente! (Version 1)
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "Sublime Nights Together" [Sublime vs. Beatles vs. Bee Gees]
    Muse Vs Al Green - Could This Be Madness (VoiceDude)
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "Door Zapper" - The Doors Vs. Roger & Zapp
    Voicedude - School's Out And it Feels Good
    "I Like The Way Godzilla Works It" - Blackstreet Vs. Blue Oyster Cult [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    Stjepan Večković and the 5 voice Dude Bagpipe
    "A Whiter Shade Of Peace" - Various Artists * MashUp by VoiceDude / Video by Rui Belo & Gigi Boss
    "E.T. Busters" - Fall Out Boy Vs Katy Perry [produced by Voicedude]
    Mickey What Happened To Your Voice Dude?
    Voicedude - One More E.T. (Katy Perry vs. Maroon 5)
    "Santa's Rehab" - Amy Winehouse Vs. Jackson 5 +Bad Santa [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    Playing With This Ashy Voice dude
    Joel-Steven Voicedude Blows Everyone Away at the Ghost Light Vocal Jam
    "Another Song For Mama" - Boyz II Men vs Genesis [a Voicedude mashup]
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "Bossa Nova Nights" - Elvis Presley Vs. F.U.N.
    French rick guy voice dude last minute reee
    "Everybody Wants to be a Stray" by Voicedude
    Queen Vs. Beastie Boys [produced by 'Voicedude'] - "Intergalactic Dust"
    "Stay On The Run" - Rihanna Vs. Paul McCartney & Wings [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    A good quick scoper dude like The duck voice dude
    "Perfect Feeling" - Sarah Silverman Vs. Black Eyed Peas [produced by Voicedude]
    Michael Jackson Vs. The Doors [produced by 'Voicedude'] - "Trucker On The Storm"
    "Give It 2 U Teens" - Nirvana Vs. Robin Thicke ft. Kendrick Lamar & Chainz [NEW VOICEDUDE]
    Voicedude - Horror Story Wake Up
    "Party Style" - Pink vs Psy [NEW Voicedude]
    CLASSIC VOICEDUDE: "Christmas In The Air" (from 2012)
    Level 42 Vs. The Supremes Vs. Vanilla Ice [from 'Voicedude' - "Forever In The Name Of Love"
    Flo Rida Vs. Katy Perry [produced by 'Voicedude'] - "Fireworks In The Ayer"
    Maroon 5 Vs. Katy Perry [produced by 'Voicedude'] - One More E.T.
    NEW VOICEDUDE: "Somebody That I Used To Sleep With" [Gotye & Kimbra vs. The Romantics]