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Radio Afro-Cuban, grające piosenki Edmundo Ros, Mongo Santamaria, 4 Étoiles, Bebo Valdés, Michel Camilo, Afro-Cuban All Stars, Elvis Crespo, La Lupe, Ricardo Lemvo, Eliades Ochoa oraz podobnych artystów.

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  • Afro Cuban
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    Soko La Bata, West African Djembe meets Afro Cuban Bata and Chants
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    CHUCHO VALDES & AFRO-CUBAN MESSENGERS at NJPAC (New Jersey Performing Arts Center)/1/22/12
    Bobby Sanabria And His Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra Ran Kan Kan
    Caribbean Jazz Project feat. Dave Samuels - Blue [Latin Jazz - Afro-Cuban Jazz] (2003)
    Afro Cuban Lullaby (With Nature Sounds)
    M.S.M-Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra Royal Garden Blues
    Afrocuban Folkloric Ensemble Ogun Bembe Omolaye and Bembe Macaua
    MK Groove Orchestra - Afro-Cuban Americana (AKA) (Live at Studio BPM, Vol. 2)
    Brian Andres & the Afro Cuban Jazz Cartel - "San Francisco"
    Jere Laukkanen's Finnish Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - Tercer Verano
    Anjuman - Traditional Afghan Folk Song in Raag Khamaj & Afro Cuban 6/8
    The Afro Cuban All Stars 2019 Tour Trailer
    Victoria Naletova – Afro-Cuban Lullaby by Leo Brouwer
    Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra - Asia Minor
    Afro-Cuban Dance Sacrificio (1939 Worlds Fair)
    Afro Cuban Blues LIVE by Ron Scott (with Salsa Dancing)
    Afro Cuban Band - Something's Gotta Give (Todd Terje Rekutt)
    Elite jazz jam afro cuban tune at Balcony Club in Dallas
    How to Play an Afro-Cuban beat in 6/8 on Congas | Reverb Drum Lesson
    Sophia Nelson - Autumn leaves - Afro cuban Jazz - 2011 Lionel Hampton Jazz Club
    Afrocuban Tigers of India - Water
    Red Shoes Afro-Cuban Trio - "Danzon For My Father" by Oscar Hernandez
    Remix The Earth: CUBA. The BEST Afro-Cuban dance performance pt. 4
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    Musician Ruben Blades Blends Activism with Afro-Cuban Rhythm
    Afro Cuban Dance Danza Lucumi by Ernesto Lecuona
    Afro Cuban Lullaby by Leo Brouwer
    Abachua: when Bach chorale meets Afro-Cuban rumba style "Abakuá" (Abacua, Abakwa)
    afro cuban drum beats
    Valerie Coleman (b. 1970): Afro-Cuban Concerto for Wind Instruments (2005)
    Yuvisney Aguilar & Afro Cuban Jazz Quartet Live Concert with Carlos & Ekaterina
    Manhattan school of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra: Things to Come
    Afro Cuban Jazz Ensemble // of Sf Sate
    Afro Cuban Music in Havana
    Oscar Stagnaro Afro-Cuban Bass Lines Tr/15 By Nimrod lachish
    Balint Ensemble - Afro-Cuban
    MASACOTE - 2015 Music & AfroCuban Recital Class

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