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Post-Punk Revival to odejście od czystego alternatywnego rocka i połączenie go z punkiem, później post-punkiem. Odkryj muzykę punkową na nowo!

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  • Post Punk Revival Nr 1 - Indie Pop, Restless
    5 Albums to Get You Into POST PUNK
    TOP 10 Mejores Álbumes Indie (Indie/Post Punk Revival) Parte 1
    Jack Elphick - Post Punk Revival Nr 1 - Action , Adventure
    Interpol - Slow Hands
    Jack Elphick - Post Punk Revival Nr 3 - Indie Pop , Action
    Understanding The Strokes
    WHAT KILLED POP-PUNK? New Found Glory, Sum 41, The Story So Far
    Hank Hill Listens to The New Generation of post punk revival
    Interpol - Evil
    Interpol - Everything Is Wrong
    Heinrich Maneuver Interpol
    Elefant - Misfit
    New Wave Revival 2010 - 2015
    Mr Brightside But There's Nine Playing At Once With A Slight Delay
    Interpol - Slow Hands
    Best New Wave Revival 2016
    New Wave/Post-punk billboard [2016] Early/mid spring
    Jack Elphick - Post Punk Revival Nr 2 - Action , Adventure
    10: Post Pop Punk Revival Thrash
    Somebody told me I was original
    KALEI - the killers just can't look
    Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver
    Sweet Disposition (Temper Trap)
    Nightcore - Kathleen (Catfish and the Bottlemen)
    Interpol - Obstacle 1
    The Strokes - Reptilia (recreated music video project)
    The temper trap - Sweet Disposition ( VivaVideoPro+ Zoetropic)
    Leaving YouTube For Reasons Unknown?
    Band of Brothers: Radkey's punk revival
    Chromatics - 24-23-22-21
    Arctic Monkeys The view from the afternoon cover by Minus Brandon
    Interpol - Obstacle 1 @ Orpheum Theatre 9-11-18
    Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Kimitsunagi Five M - Kimi to Iu Hana
    Mr. Brightside
    What band, Somebody told me
    Reptilia (live at Jammin Music 5/4)
    fake empire
    New Wave Revival Live
    The Real McCoys - Mr Brightside
    THE SHADOW LINE Thursday July 26 - Post Punk Darkwave 80's Goth Revival!
    Reptilia - The Strokes (Cover)
    Teenagers at the Time (Acoustic Demos) Pt. I - Darts of Pleasure
    New Wave Revival
    Aarcade Fire - No Cars Go
    Interpol - Pda
    Punk Pop / She's With Another Man In My Bed lyric video

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